About Us

Who are we ?
What is Ermeo? Only the revolutionary solution that most industrials have already adopted! Thanks to the use of a smartphone, our clients enter a new era with Ermeo : that of the future of industry. Numerous companies already trust us : today, Ermeo is deployed at Total, SNCF, Engie, EDF... and wins over more users every day!

Ermeo's video

But to our collaborators, Ermeo's biggest success is the state of mind that springs from its values. Everyone contributes to the success and promising results of the company.

At Ermeo, it is vital that everyone feels integrated and eagerly takes part in the company’s project !

Our values are simple, but challenging :

Greatness : Ermeo is looking for people who like for projects to be properly achieved, and that have a dynamic state of mind that preaches constant innovation.

Teaming and trust : team spirit is a priority. Working together and trusting each other to blossom collectively.

A piece of craziness : otherwise why choose a small company ?